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This is a common scam. These programs often require you to invest hundreds of dollars
in equipment or supplies or many hours of time to produce goods for a company who has
promised to buy them. For example, you might be required to buy a “special” sewing
machine, or specific materials required to make the crafts. You're not allowed to buy the
materials yourself. To insure quality and uniformity of the product, you must use the
provided materials, according to the scammer. After you send in your fee you will receive
barely legible instructions and materials far inferior to what you could have purchased on
your own.

After you purchase the supplies or equipment and perform the required tasks, the
company will not pay you for your efforts. Many consumers, for example, have encountered
companies that refuse to pay for their work because it did not meet "quality standards."
Unfortunately, no work is ever "up to standard." Thus you are left with relatively expensive
equipment and supplies, and no income. Even if the ad “guarantees a full refund,” don’t
be swindled. You will never be able to obtain a refund from these scammers.

However there are sometimes legitmate craft and assembly jobs advertised on the
internet. If you should come across a job offer such as these and they do not require any
kind of joining fee they are usually legitimate.

The best thing to do would be to contact the company and check with your local BBB to be
sure they are a registered company.