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Getting your site verified as scam free will help your sales dramatically. Your
visitors will see our seal on your page. Clicking on the seal will take them
directly to your approved site listing on our site.

To have your site certified fill in the form below. Your site will be approved
within 5 days.

Costs: Below are the costs involved to certify your site. If your site is not
approved you will be refunded within 24 hours.

If approved you will receive access to our certified business section where
you will find the seals to place on your site.

On approval we will also submit your site to 12 million classifieds, message
boards and directories + you will receive 1000 guaranteed visitors to your

Please note we will not approve sites of the following nature.
Adult, Gambling, Lotto, Hate or pyramid schemes

One Time Certification Fee    $39.99      


Make your payment below then fill in the below form.
You will be approved within 5 business days. If not approved
you will be promptly refunded.

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We also accept payment via Money Gram. Send Money gram to:
Sonia Niedrist
1101 S Ellswoth RD Unit 270 Mesa Arizona 85208 USA
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